Innovative Tools

LRP carefully chooses the best methods tailored to each project to gather accurate data and provide sophisticated analysis. 


Surveys: telephone, online, intercept, mail 

Dial-testing: online, in-person 

Focus groups: in-person, online, telephone 

One-on-one interviews, dyads, triads: in-person, telephone, online 

Executive, stakeholder, expert interviews: in-person, telephone, online 

Website evaluation: online, in-person 

Online message boards 

Qual boards



Segmentation analysis 

Data modeling 

Multivariate regression analysis 

Cluster analysis 

Factor analysis 


Conjoint analysis 

Content analysis 

Max Diff analysis

"Celinda and her team not only provide excellent and professional focus group and polling services, they go the extra distance in terms of working with their clients to ensure that all voices are heard. Often, the process of putting together focus groups and polling are just as important to non-profits as the results. Celinda and her team understand this."

Phil Sparks, Executive Vice President, Communications Consortium Media Center