Alysia R. Snell - Partner

Alysia Snell has been a partner at Lake Research Partners since 1995. Alysia brings extensive experience conducting quantitative and qualitative research on the significant issues of our day, as well as synthesizing strategic communication for a wide array of institutions and initiatives to help clients effectively and productively address the concerns of their constituencies.

Alysia is a lead partner on the issue side of the firm. She is an expert in the art and science of opinion research and in understanding people in their own context as they deal with issues on their own terms. Alysia understands how language works, how people respond to language and ultimately, how people think things through and make connections.

Alysia is based in Richmond, VA, and focuses her attention on several issue areas. Most recently this has included reproductive health (Planned Parenthood Federation of America and statewide affiliates, NARAL, Center for Reproductive Rights); health (American Cancer Society, American Lung Association, American Heart Association, Breast Cancer Fund); retirement security (Social Security Works, AARP); exposure to toxic chemicals (Cancer Free Economy); views on women candidates (Barbara Lee Family Foundation); education (American Federation of Teachers, National Education Association, New America); early education (Tremaine Foundation, Early Childhood Investment Corporation); afterschool programs (Afterschool Alliance, Chicago Metropolis 2020); children’s health (The Children’s Partnership, First Focus); government agencies (FDA, SAMHSA, SSA); as well as statewide referenda campaigns, including the defeat of parental notification initiatives in California for the Planned Parenthood Affiliates of California.

Alysia's other focus is her daughter, Caroline, and son, Harrison. A native of Richmond, she holds a master’s degree in political science and public opinion from American University, and a bachelor’s degree in American government from the University of Virginia.  

  alysia snell

"I've worked with Celinda, Alysia and the team at Lake Research for eight years. I always appreciate their depth of knowledge and experience with children's issues and education. They are wonderful collaborators and researchers."
Judy Samelson, Chief Executive Officer, Early Childhood Investment Corporation (MI)