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In Memoriam: Daniel Cooper

Strong Public Support For Wall Street Reform
A new Lake Research Partners poll released today shows remarkably strong public support for Wall Street reform on the one-year anniversary of the passage of the reform law. Voters across party lines support strong regulation of the financial industry, and they want the Wall Street reform law to be implemented, not repealed or weakened. The poll of 804 likely voters nationwide was conducted July 10-13 on behalf of AARP, Americans for Financial Reform, and the Center for Responsible Lending.
Click here for the summary, and click here for the presentation, both in pdf format.

Spring 2011 Wins
Lake Research Partners congratulates several candidates who won tough races this spring. Please read more here.

New LRP Poll Shows Public Strongly Supports Family Planning
According to a new survey conducted by LRP and released by the National Family Planning and Reproductive Health Association, Americans support family planning with such intensity that it can be called a core American value, and they are willing to punish politicians who try to cut public funding for it. The full report can be found here.

May 2011 POLITICO-GW Battleground Poll is Released
Read more here.

LRP Releases Findings on Restoring the Mississippi River Delta
A new nationwide Lake Research Partners / Bellwether Research and Consulting survey reveals an electorate which overwhelmingly supports a proposal to designate the BP oil spill fines and penalties collected from BP and others responsible toward restoration of the Mississippi River Delta and Gulf Coast. On the anniversary of the oil spill disaster, fully 83% of voters support this proposal, including 69% who support it strongly. Read a detailed analysis here.

LRP Releases Community Voices For The Economy Survey
The 2011 Community Voices for the Economy survey, a nationwide poll just released by The Ms. Foundation for Women and conducted by Lake Research Partners, reveals that Americans are still hard hit by the economy, with more people living paycheck to paycheck than a year ago. The survey also shows that Americans want to see the government take a stronger role in fixing the economy and creating jobs, even if it means increasing the deficit in the short term. See Celinda Lake discuss the poll's findings on CSPAN's Washington Journal here.

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